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About Me

My name is Jan, AKA Dreamlife and I’m a Hip Hop Producer from Bournemouth, England. I’ve been making beats since I was a kid. It all started for me when I downloaded a cracked version of Fruity Loops to a school computer and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Around 10 years ago I created my beat brand, since then I’ve been blessed to work with thousands of independent artists and a few of my favourite majors such as Logic, Currensy Joey Badass and Wiz Khalifa. Ive had music featured in several television shows including Power, The Chi, Swagger and Our Kind Of People.

I’m also the founder and CEO of The Sample Lab, one of the fastest-growing boutique creators of sample packs and drum kits for producers and artists online.

Scroll down to learn more about me and my journey.

My Journey

In 2014, I was working a full-time sales job, I’d recently moved to Panama in Central America to learn Spanish and I was struggling to make ends meet. My job paid a basic salary of around $300 a month and the rest was based on sales commission, and I wasn’t selling much.

At the time I was still making beats as a hobby and stumbled across a few videos of people making a living working with independent artists. I decided to take my savings, quit my sales job and throw everything I had at being a full-time musician. It was a slow first few years, again, barely making rent but I stuck at it and things started to look up.

As I built my brand and made more connections, I got my first major placement on “Islah” by Kevin Gates. I co-produced the first track on there called “Not The Only One”. The album has since gone double platinum and that song has been streamed hundreds of millions of times.

I’ve since been blessed enough to work with most of my favourite artists and made some lifelong friends and collaborators along the way. I continue to be committed to working with independent artists around the world.

Soulful chords, live instrumentation and vintage synths.

The Sample Lab

In 2017 I founded The Sample Lab, I have always been a record digger and most of my beats back in the day were sample-based.

Today in the music industry, it’s almost impossible to clear these old samples. So I wanted to create a library of samples that people could clear with minimal fuss. 

I took a trip to New York with a hard drive of music I had written from scratch and hired one of the best jazz bands in the city to play the music. Admittedly, at the time it was just a fun experiment but that material formed the foundation of The Sample Lab.

Fast forward to today. We have a team of 15 producers, a library of over 160 sample packs and have sold packs to over 16.000 producers and beat makers worldwide.


Joey Badass


Summer Walker


Kevin Gates



Lost In Translation


Coulda Left Me Alone

Wiz Khalifa

Taylor Life

Kodak Black

Candy Paint


Scarface Rozay Gotti